America, You Exposed the Line (Poem)

By Jason Geray
Represa, CA

America, you exposed the line
Back in my younger days your judges had their axes to grind,
You promised us that justice was really blind,
But that is not what we would find,
You just saw me as someone who was born to do time,
And yeah, I’m from California the Golden State,
But you’ve sent me to prisons more times than I’ve made it across the Golden Gate
Unless I’m riding on the prison bus,
Your green dollars all say “In God We Trust,”
But to you I’m worth about a hundred grand a year,
And all the people that I know have all passed through here,
It’s just how you keep the system filled,
But you can’t break my spirit cuz it’s so strong-willed,
So I turn on my T.V. and stare at the screen,
And it’s a habitual liar named Trump,
And he has big plans to build a wall,
But unfortunately that’s not all,
He also wants to slit the families apart,
And stop the brown people from a better life and a fresh start,
So I guess that the rumor is true,
That the Brown and Blacks are not red, white, or blue,
But I guess that’s just America’s plan,
The rise of the Ku Klux Klan
That’s spread all the way from the back woods,
And the secret meetings wearing white hoods,
And elevating them to become the police, then the local judge,
And even the mayor of the big city, and then
A a department of corrections union member,
Funneling a percentage of their pay,
To keep the disadvantage people locked up all day,
By paying politicians and telling them what to say,
Like we’re tough on crime,
And then they pass a thousand laws at a time,
And have no respect for our civil rights,
So we are doing lifetimes of wasted days
And wasted nights,
But now I can clearly see through your soulless eyes,
And your great American white lies,
But I vow to stop you from suppressing my kind,
Because yes America you exposed the line…