9 LIVES (Poem)

By Joshua Garner aka Mujahid
St. Petersburg, FL

This is a story about 9 lives that should be free,
9 lives taken by the Commonwealth and the DOC,
This system is corrupt, I know first-hand believe me,
So listen to their story so now you can see

My big brother Hadi, strongest aqeedah I’ve ever known,
He hustles candy so he can call his family on the phone,
The courts gave him life and now he feels all alone,
Inshallah keep up the fight, Allah will bring you home.

My other big brother Tariq, 100 years is what he got,
They found him guilty of taking the life of a philly cop,
He’s got a son and da daughter who loves him a lot,
That’s what he cries in sujood everytime he offers salat

My one homie Reg kept it real so they gave him the mandatory,
He grew up a rough life with even a rougher story,
A rat took the stand and told lies to his jury,
He’s an innocent man but the Judge still gave him 30.

My oldhead Chris got 60 years but he’s already 41,
He had 2 robbery convictions from when he was really young,
He got convicted of his third, 3 strikes now he’s done,
Everywhere he goes, he carries a picture of his son.

My brother Thomas got 40 years for a string of robberies,
He’s trying to fight his appeal and ask Allah for what he needs,
But the courts take all his money in fines and court fees,
So how can he get a lawyer or even just pay for copies.

My oldhead Alamo’s a lifer so he keeps the block tight,
Still remember the day I felt like I was stabbed with a knife,
He trashed the whole block after he hung up with his wife,
Found out on the phone, someone took his daughter’s life.

My big homie Country use to laugh till his face turned red,
Got caught with some meth, 70 years is what the Judge said,
He became depressed so he just ate and laid in bed,
Ate himself into a heart attack, in his cell they found him dead.

My homie Vinny broke his back at work trying to pay his family’s bills,
So the doctors have him perks and a ton of oxy pills,
Pills stopped working so he fell in love with how the dope feels,
Can’t support his family now, he killed his dealer and got wheels.
My man Andell, my boy since daycare and show-n-tell,
I was on the streets when my homie first
He couldn’t afford a good lawyer, the courts said “Oh well”,
Public defender just pretended and they gave my boy an L.

These are just a few people that I want you to see,
Where justice is never just and freedom is never free,
I’mma make a real change, knowledge is the key,
Someone needs to take a stand, that someone will be me.

[Dedicated to Ilyas Abdul-Hadi, Levon (Tariq) Warner, Reginald Carr, Christoper Moore, Donald Thomas, Luis Alamo, Mark (County) Lewis, Vince McCarthy, & Andell Benelli]