J20 Case Ends in Dropped Charges After Prosecutor Caught Hiding Evidence

By Jude Ortiz, NLG Mass Defense Committee Chair On July 6, Assistant US Attorney Rizwan Qureshi quietly filed a motion to dismiss all 39 remaining inauguration day (“J20”) charges. The motion simply said, “After further review, the United States, in the exercise of its discretion, has determined that these matters should be dismissed without prejudice.” […]

At NLG Mid-Atlantic Regional, West Baltimore Bus Tour Honors Freddie Gray

By Curtis Cooper, Co-Facilitator of the Maryland NLG Prior to this year, the last time the Maryland NLG Chapter hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference was in April 2015. At that moment, 25-year-old Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr. lay in a coma, after being brutally apprehended and detained by Baltimore City Police (BPD). As protests and some […]

Guild Grant Revitalizes NLG Idaho Chapter

By Ritchie Eppink, NLG Idaho Chair The NLG Idaho Chapter received a small grant from the NLG Foundation as part of the 2017 Guild Grants Program. In December, the chapter was awarded $2,500 to aid local immigrant communities facing law enforcement and ICE targeting through trainings and Know Your Rights workshops. This grant to the […]

2018 NLG Weinglass Fellowship Recipient: Micheli Quadros

The NLG Foundation and NLG National Office are thrilled to announced the recipient of the 2018 Leonard I. Weinglass Memorial Fellowship, Micheli Quadros of the NLG Los Angeles Chapter! As the 2018 NLG Weinglass Fellow, Micheli will work with Angelenos Reunited, a project dedicated to reuniting American citizen-children from Los Angeles County with undocumented parents […]

Rest In Power: Jeffrey “Jeff” Segal

From the NLG Military Law Task Force: The MLTF is saddened to announce the death of long-time Task Force member Jeff Segal. A long-time Guild activist, Jeff joined the Task Force steering committee during the 1980’s, serving as our treasurer for many years. He brought keen political insights and a strong class perspective to our […]

Loyola New Orleans NLG Reflects on a Year of Resistance

By A’Niya Robinson, Outgoing Loyola NLG President, and Scott Mottola, Incoming Loyola New Orleans NLG President One of the most important parts of lawyering is reflecting—seeing what you did well and seeking new opportunities for improvement. In these times, when injustice attempts to shake our core, it’s sometimes difficult to take a moment to reflect, […]

NLG SF Bay Area Chapter Launches “We Know Our Rights” Video Series

The NLG San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NLGSF) and independent producers April Martin and Lucia Palmarini released the first installment of a new multimedia toolkit called We Know Our Rights to equip communities with critical information to help protect themselves in their interactions with law enforcement. We Know Our Rights provides practical tools that are […]

NLG Regional Deepens Radical Roots in the South

By Amy Mei Willis, NLG Southern Regional Vice President The 2018 NLG Southern Regional took place at Georgia State University College of Law in downtown Atlanta, March 23-25. The three-day event brought together NLG members from TN, NC, LA, FL and GA, with the first day being a CLE on representing protesters in the South. […]

New Book Alert! Follow the Money

“It is common for people, especially young people, to pine for the “good old days” of the ‘60s. They often lament the lack of movements in the US today. No one can read Follow the Money and come to such a conclusion ever again, for the nation is bursting with movements.” -Mumia Abu-Jamal, best-selling author […]

Should Lawyers Be Allowed To Discriminate?

By Dianne Post, Central Arizona NLG Facilitator The State Bar of Arizona has twice tried to change its ethical rule 8.4 to include non-discrimination against women, LGBTQ people, socio-economic status, gender identity, etc. Some years ago, the Bar submitted this suggested change to the Supreme Court. The pushback was immediate and vicious. Lawyers rose up […]