TUPOCC Indicts the System in Chicago

TUPOCC Chicago brings the people’s indictment against the US.

By Iveliz Orellano, NLG Chicago TUPOCC

On January 15, TUPOCC Chicago heeded the call from youth of color for solidarity actions that reclaim the radical legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That day, the radical legal community of color and its allies indicted the system for systematically controlling, devaluing, and breaking up communities of color and all other marginalized communities – women, immigrants, the disability community, the queer, trans, intersex, and HIV positive communities, and religious minorities – to name a few.

TUPOCC members unfurled a large scroll that stated the people’s indictment against the United States of America. Members took turns reading out dozens of counts and then the People’s Judge, Chicago Chapter Administrator Remigio Torres, found the United States guilty of all crimes. The group ended the action with a demand for reparations for communities of color, for all marginalized communities, and specifically for police torture survivors in Chicago. ■