Greetings From Your New NLG President!

By Elena Cohen, NLG President It is with great pleasure that I write my first column as National Lawyers Guild President. Throughout my years as an activist, NLG member, President of the New York City Chapter, and national Board member, I have witnessed the many ways in which the Guild is an invaluable network of […]

Kshama Sawant’s Convention Keynote: Decolonize Your City

By Lindsey Schromen-Warwin, NLG Member Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s keynote speech at the Guild convention in November 2018 highlighted the importance of community organizing for local policy changes. It’s not enough to just organize and demonstrate, and it is not enough to just get “the right people” elected to public office. Sawant emphasized the […]

Voting Results 2018

At the first plenary of the 2018 Convention, Guild members presented proposed resolutions and bylaw amendments which went to the full membership for an online vote after the convention. All passed. See to the right for the results and read the full resolutions and amendments at Amendment to change composition of the National Executive […]

Mass Defense Committee Annual Member Meeting a Success

By Jude Ortiz, Mass Defense Committee Chair The Mass Defense Committee (MDC) held its annual member meeting at the convention in Portland, with nearly 80 members attending on a Friday evening. The meeting was shortly before the SIA Legal and If/When/How’s reproductive justice cocktail reception, which the MDC cosponsored along with several other NLG committees. […]

TUPOCC at #Law4thePeople: This is What Solidarity Looks Like…

By Danielle (Danny) King, TUPOCC Co-chair The United People of Color Caucus (TUPOCC) of the NLG held its annual meeting at the #Law4thePeople convention this year in Portland and saw almost 70 people in attendance (many from the West Coast). If you don’t know what TUPOCC is, we are an alliance of law students, legal […]

Convention Reflection: Using a Human Rights Framework to Survive Trumpism

By Ann Fagan Ginger, Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Executive Director Emeritus and longtime NLG member In 2018, and ever since I joined the Guild in 1946 as a third-year law student at the University of Michigan, I have been working to get everyone in the U.S. to use the United Nations Charter and U.N. treaties […]

Updates from the Mexico-US Border

National Lawyers Guild staff traveled to Tijuana the first week of December to observe conditions at the border and to coordinate with our members already on the ground as well as our partners at Al Otro Lado. When we arrived at the legal office at Enclave Caracol, we found NLG members already in action. Guild lawyers, legal workers, and […]

2019 NLG Week Against Mass Incarceration to Tackle “War on Drugs”

Following the National Lawyers Guild Law for the People Convention in October 2015, NLG membership adopted a resolution calling for “the dismantling and abolition of all prisons and of all aspects of systems and institutions that support, condone, create, fill, or protect prisons.” In honor of this resolution, in 2016 the NLG expanded our annual Student […]