Voting Results 2018

At the first plenary of the 2018 Convention, Guild members presented proposed resolutions and bylaw amendments which went to the full membership for an online vote after the convention. All passed. See to the right for the results and read the full resolutions and amendments at

Amendment to change composition of the National Executive Committee
YES: 77.71% NO: 9.55% ABSTAIN: 12.74%

Amendment to add “the rights of ecosystems” to the Preamble of the Constitution
YES: 70.32% NO: 17.42% ABSTAIN: 12.26%

Resolution to Endorse the Call to Prevent Nuclear War
YES: 90.26% NO: 3.25% ABSTAIN: 6.49%

Resolution Opposing the Criminalization of People’s Reproductive Lives
YES: 96.13% NO: 1.94% ABSTAIN: 1.94%

Resolution Condemning SESTA FOSTA
YES: 60.13% NO: 21.57% ABSTAIN: 18.3%