Guild Members Help Asylum Seekers in Dilley, TX

By Isabella Fernandez, Rodrigo Juarez, and Juliann Peebles, NLG Portland Chapter Following the summer of 2014, the Obama Administration contracted two for-profit prison corporations, CCA and GEO Group, Inc. to open and operate detention centers that detain family units of women and children, mostly asylum seekers from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These countries have […]

The Perfect Time to Go Solo

By Larry Redmond and Priscilla Orta, NLG Solo Caucus At October’s NLG Convention in Oakland, the Solo Caucus met for the first time in–well, who knows how long! But one thing was clear: the energy was high, and the commitment to continue the Caucus was absolute. During the ensuing conversation, it became clear that the […]

NLG-SF Bay Area’s Police & Prisons Committee Launches Prisoner Advocacy Network

By Caitlin Henry, NLG San Francisco Bay Area Chapter We are excited to launch the Prisoner Advocacy Network and share “Support From Outside The Walls” training materials! Prisoner Advocacy Network (PAN) On November 21, the NLG-SF Bay Area Chapter’s Police & Prisons Committee launched it’s Prisoner Advocacy Network (PAN). We will train California based volunteers […]

BEYOND BARS: Challenging Imperialism

By Mwalimus S. Shakur Corcoran, CA Within the confines of these concrete tombs, we prison activists have responded to fascist oppression by becoming jailhouse lawyers. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) havsburied us alive in the “SHU” (Security Housing Unit), where maintaining one’s sanity is the ultimate challenge. Locked in a tiny cell for […]

BEYOND BARS: The Concrete Empire

By Carl H. Harrison Susanville, CA In the 1980s, California began a prison and jail-building boom. Concrete jails and prisons popped up all over the state, while laws were quickly changed to make it easier to lock people up. These facilities quickly filled up and people had to join gangs within the facilities in order […]

NLG-NYC Chapter Leads Cuba Delegation

By Bina Ahmad, Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, and Elena L. Cohen, NLG-NYC Cuba Delegation Organizers Continuing the Guild’s long history of solidarity work with the country, the NLG-NYC Chapter led a highly successful delegation to Cuba this past September. Twelve delegates spent seven days on the Island, meeting with officials, criminal and civil judges, attorneys, […]