NLG Welcomes Mass Defense Director Tyler Crawford

In late March, 2020, the NLG National Office was thrilled to welcome Tyler Crawford (he/him) as the new Director of Mass Defense. As an NLG law student at Fordham, Tyler demonstrated a deep commitment to the Guild’s principles. In 2018, Tyler was a Haywood Burns fellow, and helped mobilize Guild members in response to the Conn crisis faced by thousands of low-income Eastern Kentuckians.

Tyler has a robust vision for what mass defense in the Guild could look like in the current political context, and the NO staff is excited to work with him as we navigate our response to the uncertain future we’re facing. He can be reached at, and his bio is below. Welcome, Tyler!

Tyler Crawford is an organizer, activist, and a graduate of Fordham Law School. Over the last decade, he has worked extensively with community organizations and workers’ rights groups, launching worker centers, tenant associations, and legal clinics. While attending Fordham Law, Tyler was an NLG Haywood Burns Fellow while he clerked at Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky. During law school, Tyler also worked in Fordham’s Criminal Defense Clinic, representing protesters and others, as well as in the Community Economic Development Clinic, counseling not-for-profits, community organizations, and worker centers.