NLG Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Attica Prison Rebellion

Franklin Siegel

The NLG played a leading role in the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Attica
prison rebellion. The New York City Chapter’s Committee to Commemorate the Attica prison rebellion organized four panels: two streamed nationally on September 9th, the 50th anniversary of the rebellion, and two on September 13th, the 50th anniversary of the massacre.

The Committee was convened and led by Sarah Kunstler, joined by Soffiyah Elijah of the Alliance of Families for Justice. The Committee has built an archive which can be viewed, along with videos of the panels, at

A workshop, “Attica & the NLG,” was presented at the national NLG Convention in October of 2021. The workshop was a deep dive into the NLG’s role defending 63 Attica Brothers charged in 1972 in 42 felony indictments with 1289 crimes, and the historic civil damages case on behalf of the Attica Brothers, which took over 24 years to resolve. You can watch the Convention workshop on the NLG Vimeo account.