BEYOND BARS: Liberation from a Racist Bigot Global Body Politic (Poem)

how many times

have you attended private & public schools

and felt like a fool

learning theories of lies & mysteries

brainwashed about a defacto history?

how many times

were you arrested by police

criminalized by their confessions

when you refused to acquiesce

then prosecutors

coerce questions

with deterrents of the worst

when you have the rights of the best in reverse?

how many times

have you voted

for a hero or shero

to receive disappointed times demoted

below zero

how many times

have you faced

the case of gender, class, religion & race

deceived not to resist

that it doesn’t exist?

how many times

have you paid taxes

to i.r.s. officials you’ve never seen

realizing you financed butchers’ axes

hatchetting citizens’ necks on tv screens?

how many times

have you been told by pimp politicians

your community will be safer

to learn using tv fiction

paid by corporations’ cash and favors

then give you a taste

of their inhumane waste

to show how mad

and bad

corporate capitalism rearranges modern diplomacy

with impromptu changes

in zoning

for budget cuts

in education

i.r.s. embezzling for mass criminalization

the root of mass incarceration

defiled deficits in healthcare

inflation, recession,

official defacto depression

in a worldwide organized

chaotic deception


while all along created

right under our noses

by agents

of our own so-called government!


by crack

cocaine, heroin, and guns bombed &

sold in our neighborhoods

from south america, pakistan, vietnam

then cashed in on the goods


humans yellow, brown & black

some collateral pink & white

disaster capitalist targets set right

for millions of disappearnces

without a trace!

u.s.a., china, yugoslavia, iraq, syria

yet they deny the case of race

worldwide human trafficking

in human flesh so violent

it’s been silenced!

how many times

will we (as a people)

accept this fascist illegal

government robotic psychotic

and I’ll show you how many times

we need liberation from racist bigot global body politic