Announcing the 2021 Guild Grants Recipients

The NLG Foundation (NLGF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Guild Grants! Now in its seventh year, the Guild Grants Program continues to support NLG chapters, committees and projects by providing small grants to help build the Guild. Thanks to the generosity of Guild members and donors, the maximum grant amount was raised to $7,500 this year. The NLGF approved grants to ten different educational campaigns and programs that will help build capacity, promote membership, and enhance coordination across the Guild.

These projects were selected from a total of 29 requests for funding. The NLGF Grants Selection Committee reviewed the applications and prioritized projects that could serve as a template or example for other chapters and committees, those that would encourage membership growth especially in under-resourced areas, as well as the project’s ability to raise matching funds and to carry out and promote the proposed work.

The NLGF is proud to support the work of the following projects, committees, and chapters through this small grants program.

Guild Grants Recipients:

The United People of Color Caucus – to conduct a strategic planning process and retreat.

NLG International Committee – to prepare a series of youth and student-focused materials and toolkits.

NLG International Committee – to support the People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism and Economic Coercive Measures.

NLG – Harvard Law School Chapter – to hold a month-long training series to provide students and community members with an abolitionist skill set.

Indiana Chapter of NLG Prison Legal Support Network – to support the Prison Legal Support Network’s Committee for Freedom and the Rights Defense Committee to provide legal aid for pro se litigants pursuing sentence modifications, clemency, parole, and post-conviction relief, and enforcement of their legal rights.

Arkansas Chapter – to support Know Your Rights Car Clinics where the public can have their vehicle inspected at no cost and receive training on police interactions.

NLG: Rutgers Law School, Camden – to organize a hybrid remote/in person movement lawyering panel.

Military Law Task Force of the NLG – to develop a 2-track training and CLE series on advocacy and activism in military law.

NLG-SFBA Eviction Defense Legal Support – to support the Eviction Defense Legal Support Network to dispatch LOs to encampment sweeps/evictions, track loss or damage of personal property, and support pro se claims against public agencies.

NLG University of Toledo Law Chapter – to host Know Your Rights events on LGBTQ+ and eviction issues.