#LawStrikesBack! NLG Rallies 40 Legal Orgs for Day of Action

By Tasha Moro, NLG Communications Director In just the few weeks since Donald Trump has taken office, we have seen a flurry of executive orders targeting immigrants and intensifying law enforcement; racist, unqualified millionaires appointed to the nation’s highest positions; assaults on the press; a crackdown on dissent; the rolling back of rights for transgender […]

Updates from the #NoDAPL Movement at Standing Rock

By WPLC Members and Staff The Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC) is the on-the-ground legal team working in partnership with the NLG to provide representation for Water Protectors engaged in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock. WPLC provides emergency legal support on a daily basis, is coordinating the criminal defense effort […]

2017: A Busy Year for NLG Mass Defense

By Jude Ortiz, Chair, NLG Mass Defense Committee, King Downing, NLG Director of Mass Defense Following a strong year’s end of mass defense support for Black Lives Matter, the Standing Rock pipeline encampments, and presidential primary/post-election protests, NLG mass defense efforts surged into 2017. While the above issues continue to receive NLG mass defense attention, […]

BEYOND BARS: Legal Espionage: The Degradation of the Brady Doctrine

By S. Gabriella Kiely Romulus, NY The US legal system is built on fair and equitable legal proceedings in criminal cases; securing fundamental rights for defendants, and restricting malicious behaviors by the lawyers. Over the years, many appellate cases have changed the face of criminal defense law; one of those cases was Brady v. Maryland […]

BEYOND BARS: Reflections on 40 Years of NLG-JHL Activism

By Iron Thunderhorse Teague, TX I began working with NLG as a jailhouse lawyer membership coordinator in the early 1970s. That was the year when the monster of all prisoner lawsuits began, and Ruiz v. Estelle was launched under the Institutionalized Persons Act. Multiple complaints were consolidated and the United States intervened as a party. […]

BEYOND BARS: Who is the Worst Fool?

William A. Larson Licking, MO I have been under the loving care of the Missouri Penal System (MDOC) since 1981 and had been previously incarcerated in 1963-64. I am 77-years-young and it is pragmatically improbable that I will live long enough to walk the streets free again. The MDOC is the exemplar of the eternal […]