Law for the People Convention

Guild Notes: Vol. 41, No. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2016)

  • Gearing Up for the 2016 #Law4thePeople Convention
  • NLG Mobilizes Delegation to Honduras to Investigate the Murder of Berta Cáceres
  • Crisis in Venezuela: A Role for the Guild?
  • Child Soldiers in the U.S.A.
  • Sneak Peek: #Law4thePeople Convention 2016
  • Buffalo NLG Supports Demonstrators against Trump, Jail Conditions
  • Students Revive SULC NLG Chapter, Finalist for Best Student Org. Award by HBCU

Guild Notes: Vol. 40, No. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2015)

  • NLG publishes complete Radical Law Student Manual
  • Guildies gear up for annual Law for the People Convention in Oakland, CA
  • New column, "Beyond Bars": Voices from NLG Jailhouse Lawyers
  • People's Tribunals Deliver Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations
  • Chicago Activists Obtain Reparations for Chicago Police Torture Survivors
  • NLG Legal Observers Monitor Toledo Nazi Counter-Protest
  • NLG Goes to Cuba
  • NLG-NYC Parole Prep Project Sees Sucessful Results
  • Remembering Detroit Newspaper Strike 20 Years Later


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