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Seattle Police Hand-Pick Which Protesters Get to Speak to Consultants Reviewing the SPD's Protest Response

Police faced off with Black Lives Matter protesters on Black Friday 2015. ALEX GARLAND
The Stranger
January 8, 2016

With Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole well into her second year on the job, the department is taking a close look at how it handles protests. Over the past year, the force has come under intense criticism from activists, public defense lawyers, and officials for taking a heavy-handed approach to Black Lives Matter and May Day protests—Council Member Bruce Harrell called the flying-off-a-bike tackle of one May Day protester "idiotic"—while spending millions of dollars deploying its officers.

Civil Rights Orgs Provide Free Legal Services for Victims of Anti-Muslim Violence

Hundreds of LA area muslims attend Interfaith event on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall with faith and civic leaders to celebrate religious and cultural diversity in Los Angeles, Calif. on Dec. 13. Ted Soqui / Corbis
NBC News
January 5, 2016

After the shootings in San Bernadino, California, Los-Angeles-based civil rights organization have come together to provide free legal services for Arab, Muslim, Middle Eastern, and South Asian (AMENSA) community members targeted by anti-Muslim violence and unwarranted law enforcement questioning and surveillance.

No justice, no peace: National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area chapter turns up the heat against police violence and racism

As huge crowds around the U.S. cried “Black lives matter” on Saturday, Dec. 13, thousands marched down San Francisco’s Market Street and rallied in Civic Center. Prominent in the mostly Black and Brown crowd were supporters of two of the most recent police murder victims in the city, O’Shaine Evans and Alex Nieto. – Photo: Adriana Camarena
The San Francisco Bay View
December 14, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO - The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) calls for an immediate end to police violence, the taking of Black lives and the terrorizing of Black communities. We are inspired by the determination and courage of the people of Ferguson, Black people across the United States, and solidarity protests. Their actions express the outrage so many people feel at the systematic use of police violence against Black and Brown, queer and transgender, immigrant and poor communities across the United States. In the face of such incredible injustice, we openly support this people’s rebellion.


DAREA and others at DIA fest for Judges Rhodes and Rosen, receiving the Dennis W. Archer award Nov. 19, 2015
December 11, 2015

Outside the event DAREA (Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association) and Moratorium Now protested and spoke the truth into the warm night air. The student group of the National Lawyers Guild had bitingly funny carnival games about the bankruptcy like “guess the quote” from Orr etc. as you walked into the building.

One Street in Minnesota Separates Radically Different Policing Strategies

December 14, 2015

When Minneapolis police shot and killed Jamar Clark on November 15, he was the 1,001st person and the 29th unarmed black man in the U.S. to die at the hands of police in 2015. Most of these deaths passed with barely any notice. A few became the focus of substantial protests and national media attention. Clark’s was one of those.

Preparing for a protest

Justice League NYC will be staging a protest tomorrow evening--marking one year since the non-indictment of the officer who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold. Last night the group held a training session on non-violent protest. Here, the protestors practice their tactics to prepare for the street. (Credit: Mark Chiusano )
AM New York
December 3, 2015
Tonight, Justice League NYC is leading a #ChokeholdOnTheCity action demanding justice for Eric Garner. But first they have to plan.

Make sure you have space on your phone to save photos and videos. Be prepared to get arrested. Give your name, birthday, and emergency contact information to two friends, so they can help the National Lawyers Guild get you out of jail. Write down the lawyer's number on your arm. Make sure you have photo ID.


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