Guild Notes

Guild Notes: Vol. 41, No. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2016)

  • Gearing Up for the 2016 #Law4thePeople Convention
  • NLG Mobilizes Delegation to Honduras to Investigate the Murder of Berta Cáceres
  • Crisis in Venezuela: A Role for the Guild?
  • Child Soldiers in the U.S.A.
  • Sneak Peek: #Law4thePeople Convention 2016
  • Buffalo NLG Supports Demonstrators against Trump, Jail Conditions
  • Students Revive SULC NLG Chapter, Finalist for Best Student Org. Award by HBCU

Guild Notes: Vol. 41, No. 1 (Spring 2016)

  • NLG at Forefront of Civil Rights Struggles in Michigan
  • NLG Attorneys Challenge Michigan's Emergency Manager Law
  • The Flint River Lead Poisoning Catastrophe in Historical Perspective
  • Flint Inmates Forced to Drink Lead-Contaminated Water
  • Chicago Community Bond Fund: Harm Reduction in a Prison Nation
  • NLG Goes to RebLaw 2016
  • NLG Student Week Against Mass Incarceration Sparks Political Education and Inspiring Actions
  • Meet the 2016 Haywood Burns Fellows

Guild Notes: Vol. 40, No. 4 (Winter 2015)

  • NLG Ohio and Partners Get Cases against Protesters Dropped
  • NLG-NYC Chapter Leads Delegation to Cuba
  • Liz Fink, Rest in Power
  • NLG Asks Obama to “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” on Cuba
  • Many Hands Make Positive Change at Wayne State
  • Guild Member Wins Peabody Award for Albie Sachs Documentary
  • Food Justice and Intersectionality
  • Black Lives Matter Clarion Call for Black-Led Legal Support: Is This a Turning Point for the NLG?
  • Guild Members Help Asylum Seekers in Dilley, Texas
  • The Perfect Time to Go Solo

Guild Notes: Vol. 40, No. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2015)

  • NLG publishes complete Radical Law Student Manual
  • Guildies gear up for annual Law for the People Convention in Oakland, CA
  • New column, "Beyond Bars": Voices from NLG Jailhouse Lawyers
  • People's Tribunals Deliver Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations
  • Chicago Activists Obtain Reparations for Chicago Police Torture Survivors
  • NLG Legal Observers Monitor Toledo Nazi Counter-Protest
  • NLG Goes to Cuba
  • NLG-NYC Parole Prep Project Sees Sucessful Results
  • Remembering Detroit Newspaper Strike 20 Years Later

Guild Notes: Vol. 40, No. 1 (Spring 2015)

  • #BlackLivesMatter: NLG stands in solidarity with movement against racist police violence (p. 8-12)
  • St. Louis NLG files lawsuit to oust Ferguson prosecutor (p. 9)
  • NLG-Mass. galvanizes legal community for state-wide #BlackLivesMatter day of action (p. 11)
  • The Guild supports Walmart employees’ fight for a living wage (p. 5)
  • National Office launches first-of-its-kind Radical Law Student Manual (p. 14)
  • Meet the 2015 NLG Haywood Burns Fellows (p. 15)

...and more!

Guild Notes: Vol. 39, No. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2014)

What to Expect at the 2014 Law for the People Convention
The Guild Bids Farewell to Executive Director Heidi Boghosian after 15 Years
NLG Victory in Occupy Pensacola Appeal
The Guild Loses Longtime Members Bob Doyle and Jennie Rhine
and more...

Guild Notes: Vol. 39, No. 1 (Spring 2014)

  • The Guild Ramps Up Organizing Efforts as #NoKXL Movement Grows
  • Losing Chokwe Lumumba
  • NLG Delegation to El Salvador Finds Elections Free and Fair
  • NLG to Senate:  Rejection of DOJ Nominee Adegbile Threatens Justice System
  • ARAC Challenges Utah’s “Ag-Gag” Laws in Federal Court

And more!

Guild Notes: Vol. 38, No. 2/3 (Summer/Fall 2013)

  • NLGSF: 1; OPD: 0; A Victory for Occupy Oakland;
  • New Animal Rights Committee Has Ambitious Agenda
  • Debt-Free Higher Education Moves Forward in Oregon
  • NYPD’s Suspicionless Stop and Frisks Held Unconstitutional
  • DOE Dismisses Complaints Surrounding Palestine Rights Activism
  • NLG Opposes Military Action in Syria
  • NLG Delegation to Venezuela for the April 14, 2013 Special Election
  • NLG Joins Diverse Coalition in EFF Lawsuit Against NSA Spying
  • Disaster Capitalism After Sandy Forgets the City’s Poorest