Guild Notes

Guild Notes: Vol. 40, No. 1 (Spring 2015)

In this issue:
#BlackLivesMatter: NLG stands in solidarity with movement against racist police violence (p. 8-12)

St. Louis NLG files lawsuit to oust Ferguson prosecutor (p. 9)
NLG-Mass. galvanizes legal community for state-wide #BlackLivesMatter day of action (p. 11)
The Guild supports Walmart employees’ fight for a living wage (p. 5)
National Office launches first-of-its-kind Radical Law Student Manual (p. 14)
Meet the 2015 NLG Haywood Burns Fellows (p. 15)

...and more!

Guild Notes: Winter 2014

  • NLG coordinates legal support efforts for protesters in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere 
  • NLG files lawsuit against water shut-offs in Detroit
  • Elections and voting results
  • 2014 Law for the People round-up
  • NLG Students in action

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Summer/Fall 2014

What to Expect at the 2014 Law for the People Convention
The Guild Bids Farewell to Executive Director Heidi Boghosian after 15 Years
NLG Victory in Occupy Pensacola Appeal
The Guild Loses Longtime Members Bob Doyle and Jennie Rhine
and more...

Spring 2014

*Correction*  This issue was printed mislabeled as "Vol. XL No. 1." The correct issue number is "Vol XXXIX No 1".

Winter 2013

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  • Highlights from the 2013 Convention in Puerto Rico
  • NLG Launches Faculty Network
  • Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond sentenced to 10 years
  • Haitian cholera victims file lawsuit in U.S. Court

...and more!

Summer/Fall 2013

Included in Vol. 38, No. 2: NLGSF: 1; OPD: 0; A Victory for Occupy Oakland; New Animal Rights Committee Has Ambitious Agenda; Debt-Free Higher Education Moves Forward in Oregon; NYPD’s Suspicionless Stop and Frisks Held Unconstitutional; DOE Dismisses Complaints Surrounding Palestine Rights Activism; NLG Opposes Military Action in Syria; NLG Delegation to Venezuela for the April 14, 2013 Special Election; NLG Joins Diverse Coalition in EFF Lawsuit Against NSA Spying; Disaster Capitalism After Sandy Forgets the City’s Poorest; Oscar López Rivera: From “Terrorist” to Hero; Convention Schedule and Updates

Spring 2013

Included in Volume 38, Number 1:

A federal lawsuit challenges domestic spying
Occupy victories continue in court
The strange case of the NATO 5
Lessons from litigating Al-Haramain
Guild amicus brief bolsters defense of voting rights
Puerto Rico convention preview
Students reflect on exoneration campaign
2012 Student Day Against the Death Penalty
Venezuela's decision to withdraw from the American Convention on Human Rights
Interview with NIPNLG Director Dan Kesselbrenner
Michigan members mount repsonse to democracy emergency

Winter 2012

Included in Volume 37, Number 4:

  • An account of NLG support for the Coal Export Action in Montana
  • A report from the national mobilization to support protests at the RNC and DNC
  • A round-up of student chapter activity nationwide
  • NLG election results
  • Photos from the 75th anniversary convention in Pasadena
  • Information about the NLG's new sexual harassment policy
  • Ward Morehouse and Gustin Reichbach remembered
  • An article about an NLG trip to monitor Venezuela's presidential election

Spring 2012

Included in Volume 37, Issue Number 1:

  • One law student's first legal observing experience on day one of Occupy Wall Street
  • Occupy updates from New York, DC, Chicago, and the Bay Area
  • Tennessee NLGers protest Alberto Gonzales
  • A history of legal workers in the NLG
  • Mumia, off of death row
  • The Meikeljohn Institute continues the work of Guild founders
  • Venezuela election observing