Bill Goodman

Speaking Freely: Bill Goodman from National Lawyers Guild on Vimeo.

Bill Goodman is a lifelong National Lawyers Guild member who has served as president of the chapter in his hometown of Detroit as well as president of the national organization. In this interview he talks about being raised the son of influential civil rights attorney Ernest Goodman, joining as the Guild's first law student member, and participating in the civil rights movement as an activist and a young lawyer. Goodman went on to organize legal support in the wake of the prison rebellion at Attica and, facing economic hardship due to his radical pedigree, helping to develop the fields of section 1983 and personal injury law.

This video is part of the Speaking Freely NLG video history series.

Video by Off Center Media

Goodman is a founding partner of the Detroit civil rights firm Goodman & Hurwitz, which has successfully handled a number of cases of political and legal importance in the Detroit area such as representing the Detroit City Council in its historic struggle to remove the Mayor of Detroit in 2008.