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Editor’s Preface – Vol. 79, No. 1 (Summer 2023)

By Dalia Fuleihan In the United States the specter of mass incarceration and police violence looms large over our daily lives. It seems that almost every week we are privy to news stories about the death of unarmed civilians at the hands of the police, and abuses within the prison system. As systematic abuses continue [...]

Incentivizing Violence: How the Financial Incentives in Policing Maintain Racism, Classism, and Mass Incarceration

By Patrick Hogan Patrick works for a legal aid organization with a focus in criminal records relief. He formerly worked in public safety roles and was a legal research volunteer for the NLG New York Chapter’s Civil Litigation Task Force.

Poem: We been knew the cops

By Sabyne “Free” Pierre Sabyne “Free” Pierre is an organizer, law student, and poet at heart. Free uses art to process their personal experiences to advocate for legal, systemic changes. In their poem, “we been knew the cops”, they interact with a younger version of themselves, who still exists somewhere and grapples with the lasting [...]

Involuntary Civil Commitment as Mass Incarceration

By Tristan Campbell

The Evolution of a Solution

By Kinetik Justice Kinetik Justice Amun has been imprisoned and serving life without parole since he was twenty years old, but has not allowed his circumstances to deter him from fighting for justice, for himself and others. For almost all that time, he has been in segregation for once concocted reason or another. While in [...]