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Editor’s Preface: Vol. 76, No. 3 (Fall/Winter 2019)

Meredith O'Harris, Editor-In-Chief The two original, irredeemable American sins—the twin stains forever defacing the Stars and Stripes—are the treatment of American Indians and native Africans, both of which were enslaved and subjected to rigorous and merciless programs of cultural genocide by the United States. The first three features of this issue explore and demonstrate different [...]

Editor’s Preface: Vol. 76, No. 2 (Summer 2019)

Womxn’s Bodies Are A Battlefield Meredith O’Harris, editor-in-chief Against a backdrop of national hostility against womxn, emanating from a demonstrably misogynistic President of the United States, the National Lawyers Guild continues its struggle for gender and reproduc­tive equality. In this theme issue, our Review seeks to expose and redress different aspects of latter day female [...]

NIFLA v. Becerra and Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Constitutionalizing the Distribution of False Medical Information to Pregnant People

Amelia Spencer Amelia Spencer is a recent graduate of the George Washington University Law School and has accepted a position as a staff attorney with Bronx Legal Services in New York. I. Introduction An abortion clinic and a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) stand directly across from each other at the corner of 12th and Delaware [...]

Choice at Risk: The Threat of Adult Guardianship to Substantive and Procedural Due Process Rights in Reproductive Health

Marissa Ditkowsky Marissa Ditkowsky is a juris doctor candidate at the American University Washington College of Law. She would like to thank Professor Robert Dinerstein, Professor of Law at the American University Washington College of Law, for advising her in the writing process.   Choosing when or if to have a child is a fundamental [...]

National Lawyers Guild Amicus Brief: The State Lacks Jurisdiction Over Reproductive Decisions

Brendan T. Beery, Sarah Roberge & Jason Terry Brendan T. Beery is an attorney (Michigan P59464) and professor at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. Sarah Roberge and Jason Terry are J.D. candidates at WMU Cooley Law School. Special thanks to David Gespass for leading the effort to coordinate this work and [...]