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Measuring Mercy: Protecting Patient Discretion in Terminal Care Under the Fourteenth Amendment

Kelsey Nicholas Kelsey Nicholas will graduate from the University of Mississippi School of Law in in 2019. She would like to thank Prof. Larry J. Pittman for his guidance and encouragement throughout the writing of this Article. She would also like to thank Prof. Matthew R. Hall for his dedication and support to the Mississippi [...]

Racism in the Legal Profession: A Racist Lawyer is an Incompetent Lawyer

Jana DiCosmo Jana R. DiCosmo, Esq. dedicates this article to her family for their support and encouragement throughout this and many other endeavors. She also expresses special thanks to Professors Serena Williams and Patrick Johnston of Widener University Delaware Law School, and to Jessica Miller, Esq., for their insightful feedback on this article. Ms. DiCosmo [...]

The Ejusdem Generis of A-B-: Ongoing Asylum Advocacy for Domestic Violence Survivors

Linda Kelly Linda Kelly is the M. Dale Palmer Professor of Law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, where she is also Director of the Law & Immigration Clinic.   On June 11, 2018, Attorney General Sessions published his opinion in Matter of A-B- 1 and overruled Matter of A-R-C-G-.2 In [...]

Editor’s Preface: Summer 2018

Editor’s Preface By Nathan Goetting The bigotries, phobias, and moral crimes of the Trump administration are too legion for any law review to examine completely, even in a special jumbo edition. The best we can do is expose and seek to correct them one obnoxious offense at a time. In “The Ejusdem Generis of A-B-: [...]