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Brief of National Lawyers Guild, Et Al. As Amici Curiae In Support Of Petitioner In Ulbricht V. United States

Zachary Wolfe & Heidi Boghosian Zachary Wolfe is an assistant professor of Writing at George Washington University in Washington DC, and a longtime member and former national vice-president of the National Lawyers Guild. Heidi Boghosian is the executive director of the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute in New York, NY. She is a former executive director [...]

How The Supreme Court Diminished the Right to Vote and What Congress Can Do About It

Henry Rose Henry Rose is a Curt and Linda Rodin Professor of Law and Social Justice at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Introduction The right to vote in the United States has always been steeped in dis­crimination. For most of United States history, it was a right that African Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians, [...]

Trump’s Dismantling of the National Monuments: Sacrificing Native American Interests on the Altar of Business

Amber Penn-Roco Amber Penn-Roco is an attorney specializing in tribal sovereignty issues with Galanda Broadman, a native-owned Indian Country law firm in Seattle, Washington. She also serves as a contributing editor for NLGR. In December of 2017, President Trump demolished the Bears Ears National Monument, shrinking it by 85 percent. That same day, President Trump also [...]

How to Argue Liberty Cases in a Post-Kennedy World: It’s Not About Individual Rights, But State Power and the Social Compact

Brendan T. Beery Brendan T. Beery is a professor of law at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. The author wishes to thank WMU-Cooley Professor Emeritus Daniel R. Ray for his patient and thorough listening and advice. A new era Justice Anthony Kennedy has left the Supreme Court, gifting his swing-vote seat to [...]

Editor’s Preface: 75.1

Editor’s Preface: 75.1 By Nathan Goetting With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court is about to further lapse into right-wing activism. It’s been a reactionary court for the past 13 years, when Kennedy was the swing vote in a few divided cases. But sometimes Kennedy would swing the Court toward genuine progressive [...]