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Civil Asset Forfeiture: Lining Pockets and Ruining Lives

David O’Connell David O’Connell is a J.D. candidate at University of Missouri School of Law, 2019. He thanks Professor Dennis Crouch for his insight, guidance, and support during the writing of this article, as well as the Missouri Law Review for its help during the editing process. Introduction In 2014, the federal government seized $4.5 [...]

Freedom of the Whistleblowers: Why Prosecuting Government Leakers Under the Espionage Act Raises First Amendment Concerns

Catherine Taylor Catherine Taylor earned her J.D from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2017 and she is currently licensed to practice law in Illinois. Catherine thanks her friends and family for helping her in the writing process. She thanks Professor Steven Heyman for his guidance on her first few drafts. The views expressed in this [...]

Let Lucasville Uprising Prisoners Tell Their Own Stories!

Staughton & Alice Lynd Staughton and Alice Lynd are prominent activists and have been involved in numerous causes, including the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, workers’ rights, and prisoners’ rights. They have worked with the ACLU of Ohio as volunteer attorneys for over 20 years. Introduction The eleven-day rebellion at the Southern Ohio Correctional [...]

Editor’s Preface (Winter 2017)

Nathan Goetting Editor-in-Chief On April 11, 1993, inmates at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio, desperate and enraged by degrading conditions and the relentless petty indignities of prison life, rose up and seized control of the institution. Convicts from rival gangs crossed social, religious, and racial divides to unite in solidarity against their [...]