NLG Review Submission Guidelines

The NLG Review (NLGR) is the Guild’s law journal, which publishes timely, insightful articles that address and respond to the interests and needs of the progressive legal and activist communities. Our readership includes lawyers, scholars, legal workers, jailhouse lawyers, and activists. The NLGR board is composed of an inter-generational group of Guild members, including attorneys, law professors, and legal workers.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage authors to write articles in language accessible to both legal professionals and intelligent non-experts. Submissions that minimize legal jargon are especially encouraged. Citations should appear as endnotes and follow Bluebook style (20th Edition). Citations should identify sources completely and accurately. Lengthy textual commentary and string cites are discouraged.

Though we are open to manuscripts of any length, articles typically run about 7,000 words. Pages in issues of NLGR generally contain about 350 words. Book reviews of timely and relevant manuscripts are also accepted.

Except in rare circumstances, NLGR does not review or publish content that has previously been published elsewhere.  Please submit original content.

Submission Process

Submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word format via email to the Executive Editor Traci Yoder at Include a short sentence or two describing your professional affiliation, background and area(s) of legal specialization. This description will appear with the article if it is accepted for publication. Please also include a phone number and ground mail address.

Submissions will be reviewed by members of the NLGR’s editorial board. If accepted, manuscripts will be edited, and the edited manuscripts will be returned to the author for review; however, because of production schedules, late changes are prohibited and authors generally do not see typeset proofs. We make every effort to clear any changes with the author.

If you have any questions about submissions or the review process, please email