New Book by Guild Leaders Helps Distressed GIs

Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent

Guild president Marjorie Cohn, and Military Law Task Force co-chair Kathleen Gilberd, have published a new book, which is a useful resource for all Guild members interested in U.S. military policy and resistance within the military. The book examines the reasons servicemen and women have disobeyed orders and resisted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It includes the stories of a number of resisters, combining them with a clear critique of U.S. violations of international law in both wars. It also contains practical information for service members who wish to protest the war, fight racism or sexism within the military, or simply disengage themselves from the military. The continuing occupation of Iraq and the growing war in Afghanistan are leaving permanent physical and emotional scars on a whole generation of soldiers. Not since Vietnam have so many GI's objected to a war, and never have military families spoken out so strongly for withdrawal.

-- "Cohn and Gilberd have provided heroic service in this book."  - Tom Hayden

-- "A must read for everyone in today's military and for all those who support disengagement from illegitimate wars and occupation." - Camilo E. Mejia

See the new review, Preparing to Disengage, by Elaine Elinson:

Rules is available in eBook format suitable for download to computers and smart phones at

It is also available for purchase from Amazon by clicking here.