Guild Notes Submission Deadline June 25!

This is the official call for Guild Notes submissions, and the deadline is Friday, June 25th.

Below are the guidelines for submission. Please send an email as soon as possible to if you plan to submit an article, and let us know what your topic will be. This allows us to begin planning and avoids any duplication of topics. Edited drafts will be due on Friday, June 25. Please note the guidelines for submission below, and let us know if you have any questions.


  • Please make sure your article pertains to Guild work. Many Guild members are involved in a number of organizations and groups outside of the Guild, who do amazing and important work on critical issues. However, if this work isn't connected directly to the work the Guild is doing, has no involvement of Guild members, or has no way for Guild members to plug in in a meaningful way, it is not really appropriate for Guild Notes. Legal and political essays can be submitted to the NLG Review (formerly Guild Practitioner).
  • All submissions should be in MS Word, Wordperfect or a text file, and sent as an attachment to Please do NOT send articles in the body of an email as this creates time-consuming formatting problems.
  • Please keep your articles to the word limit of 700 words (500 if you plan to include photos). The National Office will let you know if we are considering your topic for a cover story, in which case a longer article may be appropriate. Any article exceeding 900 words will be returned to you for editing if you have not already received a request for a longer article.
  • Decide on what kind of article and/or subject you are writing. Are you writing an opinion piece? Something autobiographical? Or reporting on an event? Newsletters are best when there's a broad selection of different kinds of pieces, from critiques of racism within the Guild to reports from legal observers at the RNC. However, please choose one topic and stick to it.
  • Always include the names of the authors and a suggested title for your piece.
  • Articles will be edited for length, grammatical errors, and readability. We will do our best to keep your article in tact and maintain your intended meaning, but minor changes to your writing may be made.
  • Photos are strongly encouraged! A picture is worth a thousand words. We want Guild Notes to be visually appealing as well as informative, so if you have photos, please send them along even if you are not writing an article! Photos should be as high-resolution as possible - ideally large JPEGs. Please do not send photos you found on the internet, as these are usually low-res and bad for printing. Please include a photo credit and suggested caption with any photos you send.
  • Articles should be as timely as possible. Because this is a double-issue, we will cover anything that has taken place since the last issue of Guild Notes, up to and including events that will take place before or during the convention.