International Women's Day/Women's History Month Resources to Further Your Movement Work

1913 suffrage parade. Photo from the U.S. National Archives
Bacilio Mendez, Queer Caucus Co-Chair
Part of being a good librarian, legal worker, or "radical legal infomancer" (as I prefer to be dubbed) is sharing the knowledge you have found with those who may be information poor, less than tech-literate, or simply lacking the time to pin-point the sources of information relevant to their Guild work. 
In the spirit of knowledge sharing, the Legal Workers Committee would like to offer up some secondary sources to aid the research efforts of those Guild members fighting for the rights of women today, International Women's Day, during Women's History Month, and throughout the year.

And now that you've made it through the vegetables, so to speak, here is a more light-hearted but still very useful resource: March 3 marks 100 years since suffragists marched on Washington. The "National Policy of Nagging" Pinterest board, created by the National Archives, honors this anniversary. Suffragists faced a difficult road in their march towards equality. Even women opposed giving women the right to vote. One letter called it "an endorsement of nagging as a national policy."