Blog: March 2013

Blog: March 2013

Hate Against Muslims? San Francisco Gays Shouldn't Stand For It.

An AFDI ad altered by queer San Francisco activists.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has decided that riling up anti-Muslim sentiment through bus and subway ads is its only hope for attaining relevancy. The ads began appearing last fall in major cities across the country, featuring a slogan calling Muslims “savage.” In San Francisco, the latest round is set to appear on city buses in April, showing anti-gay quotes by radically conservative Muslims in an apparent effort to convince gays and our allies to hate Muslims in general. We must take action against the presence of these patently offensive ads on our buses.

More Women's History Month Resources in Honor of Lady Day

 The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci (1472-1475) Uffizi Gallery

Of all the things that I learned in library school, the two principles that I am always trying to impress upon my fellow Guild members are LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) and "Give 'em what they want!" (Rawlinson, Nora. "Give `Em What They Want." Library Journal 106 [November 15, 1981]: 2188-2190. Available in Ebsco's Academic Search Premier). This post falls under the latter category.

Occupiers Prevail Over Infiltrators, Unconstitutional Ordinances, Vindictive DAs

Occupy Boston members demonstrate against wealth inequality and corporate malfeasance in October 2011. Of the 193 arrested in two raids on the protest camp, the 26 with open cases in February 2013 had their charges dropped. Photo by Tim Plenk

On the second Friday in February, Boston prosecutors announced that they were dropping all charges against 26 people who had been swept up in two late night raids of Occupy Boston almost a year and a half earlier. The move came as a surprise to the arrestees and their NLG defense team who were deep in preparation for a trial the following Monday.

International Women's Day/Women's History Month Resources to Further Your Movement Work

1913 suffrage parade. Photo from the U.S. National Archives
Part of being a good librarian, legal worker, or "radical legal infomancer" (as I prefer to be dubbed) is sharing the knowledge you have found with those who may be information poor, less than tech-literate, or simply lacking the time to pin-point the sources of information relevant to their Guild work. 


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