Email Lists

The National Lawyers Guild provides a number of national email lists for our members. Keep in mind that you must be a dues-paying member to join any of these lists. Many chapters also have their own lists. You should contact your chapter chair to learn more about joining the local email lists. Before using any of our email lists, please familiarize yourself with our NLG Email List Guidelines.

NLG Annoucements: An email list to share announcements about events, news articles, press releases and other important items. This is not a discussion list, and posts are moderated by the National Office. To join, visit

Students: A closed list for student members, intended to be a tool for networking, disseminating information, debating issues and generally supporting student activism. To subscribe, visit

Northeast Region: An email list to facilitate organization and discussion for the Northeast Region of the NLG.  To subscribe, visit

Far West Region: A discussion and announcement list for NLG members in the Far West Region. To subscribe, please visit

Midatlantic Region - A moderated list is a discussion list for NLG members of the Midatlantic region. To subscribe, email

Midwest Region: To subscribe, visit

Mideast Region: To subscribe, visit

Southwest Region: A moderated discussion and announcement list for members in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming. To subscribe, visit

Texoma Region: A discussion and announcement list for the Texoma Region. To join, visit

Southern Region: To join, visit

NextGen Committee: A closed discussion email list for those those self-identifying as part of the "Next Generation" of people's lawyers and legal workers, including posting of job announcements and other opportunities. There is no specific age or educational requirement; members tend to be recent graduates from law school, young legal workers, and those in practice for less than 7 years. To join, please visit

Committee on Democratic Communication: To subscribe to the list for this committee, please visit

International Committee: A closed discussion list for members of the committee to provide information about their work, to solicit ideas and feedback, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information. To join you must be a member of the committee and send a blank email to

Mass Defense Committee: A closed list for the members of the national Mass Defense Committee, a network of Guild lawyers, legal workers, and law students who are committed to providing effective legal support for progressive protest movements and demonstrators. To join please visit

Drug Policy Committee: A moderated list is to assist in the organizing and ongoing discussions of the National Lawyers Guild Drug Policy Committee. To join send a blank email to

Queer Caucus: To join, visit:

The United People of Color Caucus: To join, send an email to

Anti-Racism Committee: To join the list for the national ARC, visit

Anti-Sexism Committee: To join this list, visit

Environmental Justice Committee: To join this list, visit ​