BEYOND BARS: Heal and Liberate Lifelines (Poem)

By Michael Forrest Frackville, PA disaster capitalists masters of disastrous naturalness nlg catalyst never waning weighing in against banning what u.s.a. endorse standing lawyers 4 the peoples’ force global war cries against u.s. saber rattling nlg bourne ties keep battling along side prisoners students & worldwide missioners our faller soldiers are the amounts we stand […]

BEYOND BARS: Children in Prison is Torturous

By Tyrone Reyes Jackson, MI Children in adult prisons is unconstitutional,. It amazes me that the judicial system believes it’s morally okay to put vulnerable children in adult prisons to be preyed upon. I came to prison when I was just 16 years old. I’ll be 38 this year. Prison is nothing more than a […]

BEYOND BARS: The Cruelty of Solitary Confinement

By Mwalimu S. Shakur Corcoran, CA Since the release of inmates from the Security Housing Units (SHU) in California prisons, the state (CDC.r) has allowed its guards, some of which used to be institutional gang investigations (IGI) to harass and provoke inmates into conflict on the GP yards, especially here at Corcoran prison, where a […]

BEYOND BARS: A Broken and Shattered System

By Chris Freeman New Boston, TX Most criminals grew up in circumstances of dire poverty, in families where one or both parents were abusive, and without the benefits of a proper education or away from home at a young age. We were forced to drift to the poor and slum areas of big cities and […]

BEYOND BARS: Re: Law as a Pathway to Character Development

By William A. Larson Licking, MO Mr. Phoenix’s commentary articulations in “Law as a Pathway to Character Development,” on page 19 of your Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Guild Notes, is “right on” point, as we used to say in days gone by. Far too many prisoners allow themselves to be turned into Quisling Sheople, by […]

BEYOND BARS: Dirty Lawyers and Crooked Judges

By Gabriel Arkles, NLG member and professor at Northeastern University School of Law Most defense attorneys—especially public defenders—are good people doing their best in a shitty system. And some are truly amazing. But there are some who flout the rules. These are the private lawyers who pressure you and your family to pay them your […]

Beyond Bars: Life at Vaughn Prison as a Black Transwoman

When I was sentenced in 2011 to 25 years in prison, I was largely relieved. At least I would escape temporarily the hell of rape, violence, and discrimination which my life on the streets as a black transwoman had involved. Many transgender people like me are ostracized by our families, refused respite in public shelters, […]

Beyond Bars: Law as a Pathway to Character Development

By Jeremiah Phoenix Dannemora, NY As readers of this column know well, familiarity with law is a valuable and often necessary skill in prison. A talented prisoner litigant can effect significant positive change for himself or herself and their fellow brothers and sisters, and can protect themselves from repression and abuse in ways people without […]