Dear L.A. Lawyers Guild Members & Friends:
        I am thrilled to announce that our Chapter has just hired our new Executive Director. She is Attorney Krithika Santhanam who, for the past many months, has been doing such a remarkable job as the head of our Mass Defense Committee.
        Krithika's recent work with us, along with her impressive resume, promises even greater days ahead for our Chapter. In my 58-years with the National Lawyers Guild, Thirty of them here in Los Angeles, I have come to know a great many executive directors of our and other chapters, all of them fine people, and many of them extraordinary executive directors. So I am confident that Krithika will prove to be one of the very best of them all. Certainly, her loving personality, generosity of spirit, great mind, and total commitment to everything the Guild stands for, promises no less. I look forward to getting to know her even better over the next few weeks, as I offer her any assistance she might need in fully orientating into her new role. Although I suspect I will learn as much from her as she will from me.
      I urge all Guild members to extend a warm, and supportive, welcome to Krithika Santhanam, our new Executive Director!
Many thanks,
Jim Lafferty,
interim Executive Director
PO Box 1266
New York, NY 10009
United States