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Ferguson NLG Legal Support Volunteering
The NLG appreciates all the offers of help in our legal support efforts related to the Ferguson protests. At this point, there isn't a further need for people from out of town to come to St. Louis / Ferguson to help unless they are Missouri licensed attorneys. Please contact ferguson@nlg.org if you fall into this category. 
How you can help
Our ongoing work includes coordinating criminal defense attorneys and civil rights support, an expensive endeavor, so please consider donating at nlg.org/ferguson . If you're an attorney, legal worker, or law student, please consider joining the NLG!

Among many law students who are trained NLG Legal Observers, Max Suchan documented police misconduct to help protect community residents' First Amendment rights. Suchan witnessed several police in riot gear pointing their guns at an African-American man, forcing him roughly to the ground before placing him under arrest. While attempting to ask the arrestee for his name so he could be tracked in jail (a standard Legal Observer procedure), Suchan was also forced to the ground and arrested; you can watch the video here

To help fund these efforts, you can pay $5, $10, $50 dollars or more by clicking here.
August 21st, 2014 to August 26th, 2014