Vol. 63, No. 3

Volume 63, Number 3 includes the following articles:

  • "Speech upon Assuming the Presidency of the National Lawyers Guild" by Marjorie Cohn
  • "A Perfect Peace Too Horrible to Contemplate: Justice Holmes and the Perpetual Conviction of Eugene Victor Debs" by Nathan Goetting
  • "The ‘Indian Question’ in Latin America: An Overview of the Legal and Social Position of Indigenous Peoples" by Justin Dargin
  • "Defending Against a Two-Front Attack: Homeless Persons’ Use of the Necessity Defense to Combat Nature and the Law" by Tony Naro
  • "Activism and the Law: Using the Law in Mass Movements" by Mercedes Castillo
  • "Amicus Brief in Support of Respondents in Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, et al." by David Gespass & Zachary Wolfe
  • "Cy Gius, ¡Presente!"