student activism

Protesters march against racist statues to pressure officials to take action

The Louisiana Weekly
December 7, 2015

After waiting 180 days for the required protocol for the removal of at least four Confederate monuments from public spaces, to be completed, last Saturday during Bayou Classic 2015, more than 50 protesters came together to send a message to city leaders: “Take down the statues honoring white supremacists now.”

NLG aids U.S. University students protesting for Palestinian rights

Al Jazeera
December 9, 2013

The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the National Lawyers’ Guild came to the students’ side, sending a letter expressing concern regarding "the apparently biased manner in which these disciplinary proceedings were undertaken, and in the unwarranted severity of the agreements’ conditions. The University’s actions in this matter establish a chilling precedent for student campus speech on controversial issues, especially concerning Palestinian rights."

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