Park Police must provide Occupy D.C. notice before eviction, judge says

Washington Post
December 5, 2011

A U.S. District judge ruled Monday night the National Park Service must give protesters in McPherson Square some notice if it moves to evict them, except for in emergency situations, according to a lawyer for an Occupy D.C. protester.

Following a day-long standoff Sunday after protesters erected a 15-foot-tall wood-frame structure in the park, one protester sought a ruling clarifying his rights if the National Park Service decides to enforce a ban on overnight camping.

Occupy L.A.: Nearly 300 protesters still in jail face $5,000 bail

LA Times
November 30, 2011

The National Lawyers Guild is calling for nearly 300 Occupy L.A. protesters arrested early Wednesday to be released from jail.  

The majority of the 292 protesters were taken into custody for failing leave a City Hall park after police issued a dispersal order early Wednesday, city officials said. A smaller number also were cited for resisting arrest.

All are being held on a minimum $5,000 bail until they are arraigned by a judge -- a process that can take up to two days.

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