Student Week Against Mass Incarceration




“Prisons do not disappear problems, they disappear human beings.” -Angela Y. Davis


2016 NLG Student Week Against Mass Incarceration (February 29-March 4)

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Following the National Lawyers Guild Law for the People Convention in October, NLG membership adopted a resolution calling for "the dismantling and abolition of all prisons and of all aspects of systems and institutions that support, condone, create, fill, or protect prisons."

In honor of this new resolution, in 2016 the NLG is expanding our annual Student Week Against the Death Penalty to become Student Week Against Mass Incarceration (February 29-March 4, 2016). 

We ask NLG Student Chapters to sign onto the National Resolution Supporting the Abolition of Prisons, and to organize events and actions at your law schools highlighting an abolitionist perspective and potential alternatives to incarceration. Read a message from NLG Executive Director Pooja Gehi about the Guild's position on prison abolition. 

The Guild is currently engaged in unique and innovative efforts nationwide to alleviate some of the harm inflicted by the prison-industrial complex, including the Parole Preparation Project of the NLG-NYC Chapter’s Mass Incarceration Committee, the Prisoner Advocacy Network of the NLG-SF Bay Area Chapter’s Police and Prisons Committee, and the new Guild Notes column, “Beyond Bars: Voices from NLG Jailhouse Lawyers”. NLG Mass Incarceration Committee and Prison Law Project volunteers respond to jailhouse lawyer members' letters and send out our Jailhouse Lawyer Manual on an ongoing basis. NLG members are also providing legal support for various initiatives opposing policing, criminalization, solitary confinement, the drug war, capital punishment, and new prison construction.

Please email NLG Director of Research and Education Traci Yoder at to share the events you are organizing! To sign onto the Prison Abolition Resolution, just email Traci with your law school chapter's name. 

Prison Abolition Resources

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