Volume 65, No.2

Volume 65, No. 2 (Summer 2008) contains the following articles:

"Towards a Human Rights Vision for People’s Lawyers in the United States: Taking up the Call toStrengthen Economic and Social Rights," by Cathy Albisa "Colorblind Injustice: Roberts Court Violates Affirmative Action Mandates in Race Convention," by Marjorie Cohn "Making Women Homeless and Keeping Them Homeless: Domestic Violence, Flawed Interpretations of 42 U.S.C. §1437d(L)(6), Sexual Harassment in Public Housing, and Municipal Violations of the Eighth Amendment," by Shirley Darby Howell "The Supreme Court, Tribal 104 Land Claims, and the Doctrine of Discovery; Trampling on the Walking Purchase," by Angus Love, Susan Feathers, and Agatha Koprowski "Book Review: Clapton," by Daniel M. Mayfield “'Left' Is Not Another Word for 'Hip,'" by Anthony D. Taibi