Convention 2013: Resources for Puerto Rican Rights Activism

The 2013 Convention in Puerto Rico was the first ever NLG Convention held in a U.S. colony. The event's location inspired vibrant discussion about the island's colonial status, as members learned about the Puerto Rican independence movement and the work of political prisoners such as Oscar López Rivera and our keynote speaker, Rafael Cancel Miranda.

Oscar Lopez Rivera Stencil

The Puerto Rico Subcommitee is available to offer speakers on a number of Puerto Rican rights-related issues. For more information, contact Judith Berkan (, Jan Susler (, or Natasha Bannan ( For those interested in taking further action in support of Puerto Rican independence and political prisoners, the Subcommittee has provided the following resources:

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Photo Credit: Ben Meyers. Oscar López Rivera street art reads "SPIEMRE LIBRE (FOREVER FREE)," taken on the walking tour through Old San Juan during the 2013 Convention.