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Summer/Fall 2013

  • NLGSF: 1; OPD: 0; A Victory for Occupy Oakland;
  • New Animal Rights Committee Has Ambitious Agenda
  • Debt-Free Higher Education Moves Forward in Oregon
  • NYPD’s Suspicionless Stop and Frisks Held Unconstitutional
  • DOE Dismisses Complaints Surrounding Palestine Rights Activism
  • NLG Opposes Military Action in Syria
  • NLG Delegation to Venezuela for the April 14, 2013 Special Election
  • NLG Joins Diverse Coalition in EFF Lawsuit Against NSA Spying
  • Disaster Capitalism After Sandy Forgets the City’s Poorest

Legal and Tactical Guide: Palestinian Human Rights Advocacy in the U.S.

This guide helps activists to identify potential legal issues and how they might be approached, and it also provides basic information about individual rights in a given situation. It includes sections on First Amendment rights and common ways that free speech rights are infringed, issues specific to campus activism, potential criminal charges arising from rights activism, and legal issues around boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns.

Volume 70, No. 2

NLG Review Volume 70, Number 2 includes the following articles:

  • Cause of Action: Using International Human Rights Law to Advance Gay Rights by Nathan Madson and Jenny Odegard
  • Gay Marriage: Accommodationist Demands Expand the Conception of Human Dignity by Zachary Wolfe
  • The Army Goes Spying Along by Heidi Boghosian 
  • Book Review: The Terror Courts by Alan W. Clarke
  • Response to Brett DeGroff's Book Review of The New Jim Crow by Richael Faithful