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Volume 70, No. 3

"Michigan's Invisible People" by Brendan Beery & Daniel Ray | "Gay Marriage is a Fundamental" Right by Nathan Goetting | "Know Your Rights Manual for the Transgender Community" by National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, et al. | " 'Baton Bullying': Understanding Multi-Aggressor Rotation in Anti-Harassment Cases" by Kris Franklin | "A Supreme Court Ruling That's About Way More Than Preemption" by Nancy D. Polikoff

Summer/Fall 2013

Included in Vol. 38, No. 2: NLGSF: 1; OPD: 0; A Victory for Occupy Oakland; New Animal Rights Committee Has Ambitious Agenda; Debt-Free Higher Education Moves Forward in Oregon; NYPD’s Suspicionless Stop and Frisks Held Unconstitutional; DOE Dismisses Complaints Surrounding Palestine Rights Activism; NLG Opposes Military Action in Syria; NLG Delegation to Venezuela for the April 14, 2013 Special Election; NLG Joins Diverse Coalition in EFF Lawsuit Against NSA Spying; Disaster Capitalism After Sandy Forgets the City’s Poorest; Oscar López Rivera: From “Terrorist” to Hero; Convention Schedule and Updates