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Spring 2012

Included in Volume 37, Issue Number 1:

  • One law student's first legal observing experience on day one of Occupy Wall Street
  • Occupy updates from New York, DC, Chicago, and the Bay Area
  • Tennessee NLGers protest Alberto Gonzales
  • A history of legal workers in the NLG
  • Mumia, off of death row
  • The Meikeljohn Institute continues the work of Guild founders
  • Venezuela election observing


Churchill v. The Board of Regents of the University of Colorado

This brief argues in support of Ward Churchill's appeal that his firing poses a threat to the First Amendment rights of all people, and particularly to academic freedom. The brief contends further that immunity granted to university regents for their role in Churchill’s firing could undermine Section 1983 of Title 42 of the U.S. Code, which has been a bulwark of civil rights since Reconstruction.

Volume 69, No. 2

Volume 69, Issue Number 2 is a special 75th anniversary edition. It includes contemporary profiles of the following founding NLG members:

  • Victor Rabinowitz
  • Ferdinand Pecora, Who Put "Capitalism on Trial for its Life"
  • Barney Rosenstein--the Last Living Founder
  • Thomas I. Emerson, Who Held Fast through the Red Scare
  • Ben Margolis
  • Maurice Sugar
  • Charles Hamilton Houston
  • Carol Weiss King

Vol. 63, No. 3

Volume 63, No. 3 contains the following articles:
  • “Speech upon Assuming the Presidency of the National Lawyers Guild” by Marjorie Cohn
  • “A Perfect Peace Too Horrible to Contemplate: Justice Holmes and the Perpetual Conviction of Eugene Victor Debs” by Nathan Goetting
  • “The 'Indian Question' in Latin America: An Overview of the Legal and Social Position of Indigenous Peoples” by Justin Dargin

Spring 2012

Included in Volume 37, Number 1:

Occupy Updates from San Francisco, New York, and D.C.

First-time legal observing on the first day of Occupy Wall Street

Details of a $6.2 million Chicago protest settlement and preparation for spring summit protests

Tennessee members protest Alberto Gonzales

Oregon members win environmental activist wrongful arrest suit

Guild legal worker history

An account of Mumia Abu-Jamal's second contact visit in 30 years

The Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute carries the torch of international law

Volume 68, No. 3

Volume 68, Issue Number 3 includes a report from the March 2011 NLG delegation to Tunisia, a brief of amicus curiae in support of Ward Churchill by Cheri J. Deatsch and Heidi Boghosian, and a review by Marjorie Cohn of the book Breeding Ground: Afghanistan and the Origins of Islamist Terrorism.