Ann Fagan Ginger

Speaking Freely: Ann Fagan Ginger from National Lawyers Guild on Vimeo.

Ann Fagan Ginger is a lawyer, scholar, author of 22 books, and one of the Guild's longest-serving members. In this interview she discusses her remarkable history as leading legal activist. Ginger persevered in the face of rampant sexism in and out of the Guild, appearing as the only female delegate at the first racially integrated meeting of lawyers in the South, arguing before the Supreme Court, and guiding the NLG through the Red Scare. Faced with hostility from the House Un-American Activities Committee, the FBI, and Attorney General Herbert Brownell, she successfully fought the listing of the NLG as a subversive organization and kept its organizational core intact.

Ginger went on to found the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, a human rights center where she is currently the executive director.

This video is part of the Speaking Freely NLG video history series.

Video by Off Center Media