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Lawyers Guild rapidly expands legal support capacity in Ferguson

People's World
December 4, 2014

Recently, the NLG rapidly increased their capacity to provide legal support in Ferguson, marshaling teams of lawyers, legal workers and law students, and is preparing for the continued need for volunteers and resources.

NLG Defense Team Wins Bond and Release Pending Sentencing for Rasmea Odeh

December 10, 2014

DETROIT -- Rasmea Odeh, the prominent 67-year-old Palestinian American community leader and former political prisoner, will be released on $50,000 cash bond pending sentencing in March 2015. Ms. Odeh was found guilty this past November 10 of “Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization” – a past conviction on Israeli charges to which she confessed more than 40 years ago, after 45 days of brutal torture and rape by the Israeli military while in Israeli custody.