Rallies Planned for Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Colin Moynihan
New York Times
Sun, 09/16/2012

Over the last few months, protesters have planned three days of events, using the title “All Roads Lead to Wall Street,” including marches, a Rosh Hashana service near Zuccotti Park and a concert in Foley Square featuring members of the Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth and Rage Against the Machine. In a reprise of a tactic used in the spring, some protesters said they were sleeping at night on sidewalks outside of banks.

As the protesters began gathering on Saturday, the police were present, too. When a crowd embarked upon a sidewalk march from Washington Square to Zuccotti Park on Saturday night, the police arrested about 15 people. Susan Howard of the National Lawyers Guild said that she had reports of an additional 22 arrests on Saturday, including 17 near Trinity Church, where protesters have been sleeping. She added that there were reports of 13 arrests near City Hall early Sunday morning.