NLG Passes Resolution on FBI Raids at Annual Convention

The following resolution was passed by a 2/3 majority vote of the NLG membership at this year's annual conference in New Orleans, LA.

Resolution by the National Lawyers Guild Condemning the Raids and Grand Jury Subpoenas for Antiwar Solidarity Activists in Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota

On September 24, 2010, in various localities in the United Stated the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed search warra nts on the homes of, and served grand jury subpoenas on, several anti-war and solidarity activists involved in solidarity work with Palestinian and Colombian people. The United States has demanded that these peaceful activists produce, to a Federal Grand Jury, emails, pictures, bank records and other personal records relating to travel to Colombia, Jordan, Syria, the Palestinian Territories, and Israel.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Lawyers Guild strongly denounces the attacks on free speech, freedom of association, right to dissent, and expressions of solidarity represented by these raids and grand jury subpoenas. We further resolve that the National Lawyers Guild shall continue to zealously defend the right to dissent, the right to act in solidarity with oppressed peoples, and resist the chilling effect of Holder v. Humanitarian Laws Project at al. Consistent with the NLG approach to opposing this type of attack we support all efforts to enjoin the grand jury and prosecution, as the NLG did in the case of Dombrowski v. Pfister.

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