Blog: August 2013

Blog: August 2013

35 Years for Manning; 40 Years of Disintegrating Democracy

Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years for the “crime” of revealing the seamy underside of U.S. diplomacy and war-making. The sentence is substantially less than the 60 years the prosecution asked for, but greater than what the defense requested. It was predicated on alleged damage done to the U.S., though it remains unclear what actual damage, aside from embarrassment, occurred. Indeed, the idea that transparency is damaging is one that should shock the conscience of any patriot, if one defines patriotism as something other than blind obeisance to whatever one’s government says.

NLG Demands End to Arbitrary and Long-Term Solitary Confinement and Administrative Detention Classifications in Palestine, Guantánamo, Colombia and the United States

The National Lawyers Guild affirms its strongest support for hunger striking prisoners in California, Guantánamo Bay, Colombia, and Palestine, and urges members and supporters to participate in and defend actions of solidarity protesting solitary confinement, arbitrary detention, and other rights violations. The Guild’s Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Committee calls on people to take action to support the prisoners.


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