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This year, we're excited to offer new sponsorship opportunities! Email Krsitine or call 313 437-3987 if you would like more information.


The National Lawyers Guild Foundation is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit; gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The portion of a contribution that can be deductible is the amount by which it exceeds the fair market value (FMV) of the benefit a donor receives. It is the responsibility of the organization to determine the FMV and inform donors of it.  We will confirm in writing sponsorships paid to the Foundation; this will include the FMV.

To what extent your sponsorship is tax-deductible (when paid to the NLG Foundation) depends on your particular tax situation. Information provided here does not constitute specific legal or tax advice on donations; you should consult with your tax adviser to determine what you may deduct.

Based on the cost of comparable services and events, the NLG Foundation estimates the FMV of Convention registration at $300; the Friday Luncheon at $35; and the Saturday celebration at $55. Space in the tribute journal, which is distributed only in connection with the Convention, is generally not considered to have a market value.* Potential deductions shown in the table below are based on these FMV figures.

Sponsorship Level Total

Fair Market Value

Potential Tax Deductible
Victory $7,500 $3,120 $4,380
Revolution $5,000 $2,340 $2,660
Solidarity $3,000 $1,560 $1,440
Truth To Power $1,500 $1,170 $330
Resistance $750 $710 **$40

*There may be exceptions for messages with language meeting specific criteria for commercial advertising, such as price information. We will contact you if your message needs to be changed to meet these criteria.

**varies depending on whether you choose Saturday Night Celebration ticket(s) or Friday Luncheon ticket(s).