2015 Regional Conferences

Every year, the NLG organizes regional conferences to bring together Guild attorneys, law students, legal workers, and community members across the country. These conferences include panels, trainings, and workshops on topics of interest to the radical legal community and bring Guild members and allies together to make decisions about regional governance, exchange resources, share victories, and learn about region-specific work. They also provide the opportunity for members to connect with allies and supporters who share the Guild’s vision. If you have any questions or would like to help plan your region's conference, please email your Regional Vice President (RVP). Check back here for updates -- registration info is coming soon! 

MIDEAST: March 20-22 | Wayne State Law School (Detroit, MI)
Contact: Rachel Rosnick & Sean Riddell, Mideast RVPs
MIDWEST: March 20-22 | St. Louis University School of Law (St. Louis, MO)
Contact: Molly Armour & Len Cavise, Midwest RVPs
SOUTHERN: March 2015 | (New Orleans, LA) -- Details TBD
Contact: Alistair McKenzie, Southern RVP
NORTHEAST: April 17-19 | Western New England University School of Law (Springfield, MA)
Contact: Benjamin Evans & Jose Lopez, Northeast RVPs
MID-ATLANTIC: April 18 | University of Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
Contact: Edmundo Saballos & Curtis Cooper, Midatlantic RVP
NORTHWEST: April 18 | University of Oregon School of Law (Eugene, OR)
Contact: Francie Nevill & Neil Fox, Northwest RVPs
NOTE: Texoma and Far West Regionals are TBD.