Dinner Journal Letter 2013

national lawyers guild 2013 Law for the People Convention
San Juan, Puerto Rico




   Honoring Judith Berkan and Jan Susler

Dear Friend,

The honorees at this year’s convention exemplify the revolutionary spirit of 76 years of people’s lawyering. I hope you will join us in congratulating them by taking an ad in this year’s journal.

The 2013 Law for the People Award will go to Judith Berkan and Jan Susler, both long-time NLG members united in their work with the Puerto Rican independista movement. Jan Susler’s work on behalf of political prisoners and prisoners’ rights spans decades; since 1982 she has worked with the People’s Law Office in Chicago. For over three decades she has represented Puerto Rican political prisoners, and she served as lead counsel in the efforts culminating in the 1999 presidential commutation of their sentences. Judith Berkan is a partner in the San Juan law firm of Berkan/Mendez. She specializes in government misconduct litigation and employment discrimination cases. Berkan came to Puerto Rico as the staff attorney for the Puerto Rico Legal Project of the NLG, now the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Institute. Berkan has won many significant jury awards in civil rights cases and has argued several leading First Circuit cases.

We will present the annual Goodman Award to Jonathan Moore, long time police misconduct lawyer and an attorney in the suit successfully challenging “stop and frisk” policing tactics in New York. Moore has had a distinguished career fighting state repression, from the murder of Fred Hampton to the decades-long FBI surveillance of the NLG.

Ann Fagan Ginger will receive the Deborah Evenson Venceremos International Award for her years of service and legendary initiatives bringing an international perspective to legal work in the U.S.

Bacilio Mendez II, co-chair of the Queer Caucus, will receive the Legal Worker Award. Claire White will receive the CB King Award for her leadership as a Guild student.

This Year’s Carol King Award winner is Cecillia Wang, director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, in recognition of her outstanding litigation and advocacy in defending and expanding immigrants’ rights.  

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Heidi Boghosian
Executive Director