CLE Materials & Accreditation Info

Below please find links to the CLE materials for the 2015 Law for the People Convention, including event programs, speaker bios, and related reading. They are split into three volumes (Volume I, Volume II, Volume III) according to their grouping on the Convention Schedule.

In addition, please download and review the CLE Approval Information packet and related CLE Accreditation Forms (for certain states) to learn about CLE accreditation at the Convention. 

NOTE: Volumes I, II, and III are large. Please download these materials to your movile device or laptop (and/or print them beforehand) to have with you at the convention. Printed copies will not be provided.

Volume I

Thursday, October 22

International Committee CLEs

  • Challenging Colonialism: Advancing Indigenous Peoples' Rights
  • Wither the UN Charter? Not Whether the UN Charter.

Friday, October 23

Workshops I

  • The Corporate University: Justice, Anti-Racism and Free Speech in the Age of Neoliberal Schools
  • Dismantling the Cash Bail System: How Lawyers and Activists are Changing the Cash for Freedom Business
  • Palestine and the ICC: An Opportunity for Justice and Accountability?
  • Waging a Battle for Immigrants' Rights in the South

Volume II

Workshops II

  • Challenging Immigrant Detention: Creative Representation Strategies for Hard Cases
  • Street Vending: Challenging the Criminalization of Workers 

Saturday, October 24

Major Panels I

  • From ‘Right to Work’ to ‘Fight for 15’: Labor at the Crossroads, Learning Lessons, Going Forward 
  • #SayHerName: Profiling, Police Brutality, and Self-Defense - Women of Color as Targets, Organizers and Advocates

Major Panels II

  • Americans Needs Safe, Resourced Neighborhoods It Can Afford: Politics of Housing, Identity and Class and the Evasive American Dream

Volume III

Workshops III

  • Fighting the Neoliberal Corporate Agenda by Defeating the TPP and TTIP
  • From the Courthouse to the Mosque: Resisting Repression and Surveillance Targeting Arab and Muslim-Americans
  • Local Hire Policies and Job Creation for Environmental Justice Communities 
  • SHUTTING the SHU: Movement Strategies for Ending Solitary Confinement

Workshops IV

  • 50 Shades of Green: The Conflict between Federal and State Marijuana Laws and its Impact on Immigrants
  • Lawfare: The Legal Attack on Palestinian Communities and Movements

Mass Defense CLE 

  • Protecting Dissent Before and After Arrest