CLE Materials

Below please find links to the CLE materials for the 2014 Law for the People Convention, including event programs, speaker bios, and related reading. They are split into three volumes according to their order of appearance in the Convention Schedule:

Volume I

Wednesday, 9/3

  • Environmental Human Rights

Thursday, 9/4

  • Military Discharge Upgrading and Discharge Review
  • 50 Years after Freedom Summer¬†

Friday, 9/5 (Workshops I)

  • Fighting for Chicago: Combating Economic Restructuring, Gentrification, and Other Policies that Exclude the Poor and People of Color
  • Federal Criminal Defense: Raising Creative Defenses in Phony Stash House Ripoff Cases and Analyzing Ways to Reduce Federal Drug Prison Sentences
  • Should an Intersectional Analysis of Oppression include the Exploitation of Non-Human Animals?

Volume II

Friday, 9/5 (Workshops II)

  • Countering the New McCarthyism: Trends in Repression of the Palestinian Rights Movement in the US
  • Immigration Detainers
  • Organizing for Human Rights Accountability in the US: Using the UN & New International Human Rights Laws to Promote Justice

Saturday, 9/5 (Major Panels I)

  • Why Inequality Matters: Fighting Wage Disparity & Income Inequality - and How We are Fighting Back
  • Deportation is Death: Issues Facing Queer/Trans Immigrants
  • Pursuing Accountability & Reparations for Torture

Volume III

Saturday, 9/5 (Major Panels II)

  • Sex Work and the Failure of Anti-Trafficking Policies
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How Federal Law Enforcement Circumvents Constitutional Rights

Sunday, 9/7 (Workshops III)

  • FOIA: How to Successfully Bring Sunshine to Records the Government Doesn't Want You to See
  • First Defense for All: Ending the False Confession Epidemic
  • Dead or in Prison: Indigenous Resistance to Resource Extraction
  • Military Sexual Assault: Advocacy in Reporting Assaults & Countering Retaliation

Sunday, 9/7 (Workshops IV)

  • Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Using Restorative Justice to Stop the Criminalization of Black and Latino Youth in Chicago Public Schools
  • Surveillance Self-Defense for Legal Workers and Lawyers
  • Immigration Status for Victims of Workplace Crimes