Anthony Prince

Anthony grew up in Los Angeles and is the Labor & Employment Committee representative. His father was a disabled World War II veteran active with the Civil Rights Congress in the 1940s and his mother was a pioneer teacher organizer. At age 12, Anthony led a junior high school walkout against police brutality. At 16, he faced shotguns and teargas as part of the historic Chicano Moratorium Against the Vietnam War. At 17, he was elected the youngest chief steward in Teamsters history.

In 1976, he came to Chicago to work for U.S. Steel and served  as Union Safety Chairman. When the mill began to close, he formed the Local 65 Unemployed Committee and later, finding work as a building engineer, led a bitterly contested drive to bring janitors into SEIU Local 1.

In 1995, Anthony moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he attended New College School of Law and spent the next 14 years representing victims of asbestos-related cancer, wrongful discharge, discrimination, and as staff attorney for NTEU. Anthony returned to Chicago in 2010 as legal counsel for Teamsters Local 705 before moving to Madison where he now works as Collective Bargaining Director for SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin. He is the board representative for the Labor & Employment Committee.