Karen Jo Koonan & Joan Andersson

Speaking Freely: Karen Jo Koonan & Joan Andersson from National Lawyers Guild on Vimeo.

“I realized that anytime people were going to make change in this country, they were going to come up against the legal system. And I saw [the National Lawyers Guild] as the place […] at the heart of change. - Karen Jo Koonan
Past NLG President Karen Jo Koonan, and former attorney and issue editor of the NLG Review Joan Andersson, were crucial to the revitalization of the Guild after its decimation in the McCarthy era. In this interview, they explain how and why they became involved with the Guild, and the resurgence of the organization at the height of the Anti-War, Civil Rights, and Women's Movements. Listen to them trace the history of the NLG including landmark cases, early mass defense, the role of legal workers and women in the Guild, and what they termed “the alternative practice of law.”
This video is part of the Speaking Freely NLG video history series.
Video by Off Center Media
NOTE: Joan Andersson's name is misspelled in the title card.